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ajisai ya
katabira-doki no
usu asagi...

I can not express the sorrow
my watering eyes and upset stomach are doing .
as my fingers tremble to finish...

Sun Tzu and sun heat
Free energy when we point
Rivers talk to me...

blank mind finds relief
Fog calms summer heat today
New ideas allowed...

ah haru haru
ōinaru kana haru
to un nun...

Plush Bottom Winner
A stairway to success now
Grey Clouds and Sunshine...

abura kōri
tomoshi-bi hosoki
nezame kana ...

aka aka to
hi wa tsurenaku mo
aki no kaze...

Everyday I write
A Haiku about you
will you try too?...

Courtyard becomes tank
Life swims by beer in hand up
See thru therapy...

Mayumi Takadanobaba

Author - Artist - Provocateur