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When this domain is repatriated by Japan the story will continue on Bartz.com.

Bradley Lawrence Bartz

1965 Born as 4th kid

1972First business success rewarded with pony
1977Sold more candy than Baseball Field snack shack and at better profit

1979First Job. Selling Radio Advertising over telephone.

(tall one in the back - his voice was taller)
Jolley, Frank: KNAC, 1970-71 and 1972-74; KHJ; KKDJ, 1971-72; KROQ; KYMS, 1972. Frank owns and operates an independent film company that produces movies for tv and theatrically released films. He owns and operate kkdj.net and rockhouse.mobi online radio stations 24/7 and is "the life of Riley" in Citrus Heights, California. Over the years, Frank was Mentor Chairman of the Producers Guild of America.

1980First company. B&B Gardening with brother Mike (he could drive)
1986Danced with Princess Leia (Carrie Fischer) on the Queen Mary, Long Beach
1986First corporation. Telemarketing Visions Institute, Inc. A Non-for-profit corporation for teaching the blind how to sell on the telephone and get jobs.
1986First University case study of a Brad Bartz business by senior class of Dr. Fred Keisner
1986Got accepted to Loyola Marymount University day before classes started by the Dean of Admissions
1989 Graduated Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles
1989 Arrived in Japan, met wife on plane
1990 Launched first Japanese Interent Company
1990 Launched IAC-Online BBS
1990 Pardoned by Japanese Emperor Akihito

November 1990 new Emperor Akihtio pardoned 880,000 citizens and me from small offenses. Mine was drink driving ticket that I was actively contesting.


1991 Japan Press Network starts uploading press releases to Bloomberg Business News

1992 Married Tomoko (25 years now!)

1992 Bradley Jr. born with bi-lateral cleft palette. Metamorph search engine used with 1000 pages of medical text about cleft-palletes (mitsu-kuchi) provided by friend and data vendtor.
1992 Sold Coca-Cola the 1st ad online - on the planet!

1992Second Univeristy case study of a Brad Bartz business with Dr. Willam Bolton at Keio Univerity, Yokohama, Japan
1993 Electornic book on Floppy disk with The Japan Times with an embedded natural language search engine and 1000 pages of JT news.

1993 Traded ad space to Budweiser on BBS with ANSI-SYS "BUDNET" campaign

1994 FIRST advertisement on a computer with a 5MB website installed on 300,000 IBM Japan Apitva Computers. Let's Internet!
1995 Marie born. She just graduated from UC Berkeley and got hired to run a department!
1995 Joint Venture with NTT PC Communications
1995 Raised 327 million yen from Tiedemann Group in New York, USA by fund manager Campbell Gunn

1995Scooterboy.com - First Internet Comic Book
1996 Bought Tokyo Journal Magazine

1996 Wall Street Journal and Asian Wall Street Journal front page

1996 August - japan.co.jp and 100+ .co.jp domain name regisistered

1996 September - Blacklisted by Japanese Goverment
1996 300 million in 1st year sales post funding
1997 Blacklist by Japanese government takes heavy toll
1997BusinessWeek slaughter hammers that nail down

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1998 5 people left from 65 staff.
1998 Launch free email at Jmail.co.jp and the 100 .co.jp domain names

1998How to Survive a Press Thrashing speech at the Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan (FCCJ)

Epic speech. BusinessWeek Japan editor stood up and apologized. Tanya Clark left in tears (she wrote the hit piece. Who paid her?).

1999 Grow to 250,000 users by end of 1999
1999 Sell control and pay all debts
2000 Denied by blacklist again for conversion of .co.jp collection to new .jp
2000 February, left japan with shirt on my back, withOUT my company and no debt.
Read Japan.co.jp: Hardhat Requried to learn about starting the first commercial internet company in Japan. Buy on Amazon .com
2000Fired by new owners of Jmail and screwed out of stock sale to Hans Tiedemann for $400,000 and slammed out of any ownship stake. Shameful behavior on his part.

Shaved my head in ceremony of retiring sumo legend.

2000 Founded ABCsolar.com and swore never to go to Japan again.

2000Ran for School Board in the Palos Verdes Unitifed School District, California. Lost, but got 2,222 votes and ide as implemented.
Platform for Disabled Student Rights

2001 April 26th - Launched SolarDaily.com a newspaper for the solar industry with the Space Media Network of Sydney, Australia
See More at www.SolarDaily.com
2002 July 19th - Invented the Solar Hot Tub kit at www.SolarHotTub.com

2003Solar-Powered Success in the local press

2003Jetro Invites Brad Bartz to speak in Los Angeles at a 600 audience event.

Met chief economist to Prime Minister Koizumi during and after speech. He invited me to visit if in town.

2004Visited Japan to buy back Japan.co.jp and assets. Told story to Prime Minister Koizumi's chief econmist about the blacklist.

He called me a liar

I gave him three cards:

  • Senior Editor at Nihon Keizai Shimbun
  • Dr. Maruyama leader JPNIC, the domain name registrar in Japan, and the leader of the blacklist.
  • Dr. Jun Murai, Internet "guru" and another leader of the blacklist

    The economist called me the next day and apologized.

  • 2004Bought back Japan.co.jp and all .co.jp domains assets.

    History of Japan.co.jp

    2004Ran for School Board again. Established advocate status and moved the needle. (lost again.)

    2006The Solar Chicken!


    2009Visited Japan with Family. Great Photos

    See More
    Check the temperature of the solar market. Not yet.

    2010Install larest Solar Grid Tie system in the City of Los Angeles at the LA Flower Mart as of 2010.

    See More

    2010Sold first master-matered Apartment Building in Los Angeles a $120,000 solar grid tie system

    City of LA Building staff took a year to issue a permit. Epic battle. Generated the "Cheatham Solar Paradox" where cities ask for unobtainable data

    2010Solar Business Keeps Palos Verdes Green

    2011March 11 The Japanese earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown changed the world and me.

    2012January Brought Tetsruo Nishida to Los Angeles to train for solar busienss.

    Opening Japan Again Pictures

    2012April started ABC Solar Japan tour. Wrote The Solar Bond, a business plan for the Japanese Feed In Tarrif.

    I put a suit on.

    2012June Moved to a Yurt on the Pacific Ocean coast of Chiba, Japan.

    2014Happy Times with Family Visit

    See More

    2014Art Advocacy. Oh Man.

    2017Off Grid Speech in China. Your Choice. This or That.


    -- sep 7, 1997

    See Pigs fly


    http://bartz.com/jmail/data/ July 2000

    201930 Years engaged with Japan.
    2020Hindsight says I should have gone to Korea.

    Brad Bartz v JPRS/JPNIC

    Epic. Tragic.

    Brad Bartz led the Internet venture business scene from 1990 in Tokyo. In 1995 he raised 4 million dollars from a New York Hedge Fund to expand its Joint Venture With Nippon Telephone and Telegraph (NTT). In August 1996 Bartz registerd 105 .co.jp domain names exploiting the loophole of one company can only have one domain name by making 105 Delaware Corporations.

    Japan.co.jp, JPN.co.jp, sushi.co.jp and many more. Then Brad Bartz and his company were blacklisted by the Japanese governement. A blacklist that is still in place and having continued negative impact. Read more at www.JPRS.com

    JP Power V ABC Solar Japan KK

    Summary: JP Power (Solar Client) buys 1.5 million dollars worth of solar panels. ABC Solar delivers as contracted CIF to port. JP Power abaondoned at port and all hell breaks loose.

  • The Appeal
  • The Judement
  • The Testimony
  • Article 17: The Docusical
  • The Evidence

    Startup in the Land of the Rising Sun
    by Bradley L. Bartz

    Buy on Amazon.com

    I know the exact moment I lost my Japanese companies. A singular point in time. Twice.

    You decide. Is being blacklisted by the Japanese government for owning Japan.co.jp bad? Or is JP Power just too unbelievable?

    Did you know that I competed with JP Power in the 1990s? Did they hold a grudge that led to this failed solar transaction in 2013?

    Japan.co.jp: Hardhat Required
    by Bradley L. Bartz

    Buy on Amazon .com

    The fact that you are reading this at Japan.co.jp is the base truth for this story. I may own Japan.co.jp and get to post anything I want on the 100+ .co.jp domain names. That is true. But, I can not sell these domains. Google and other network advertisers pulled all ads with the blacklist years ago.

    Again, you decide. Which is worse. A blacklist or JP Power leaving 1.5 million dollars of solar panels at the Port of Yokohama. Left them for ABC SOlar to somehow cleanup. The court gives no penalty to JP Power for abaondoning the solar panels. Instead, ABC Solar is penalized for not cleaning up correctly. Sheeeeeeesh!

    The Venture Business Manual: Avoid Being Road Kill
    by Bradley Bartz - Coming Soon.

    This is a great book and I highly recommend for any businessperson.

    Japan taught me a lot about defense as a good policy for business anywhere. Learn real world key lessons for starting, running AND keeping your business. A series of business forms are presented for you to fill out. This is a working book.

    The Venture Business Manual also has Non-Disclosure agreements and other key documents for reference and use

    Pre order copies. Will be on Amazon.com shortly.

    Email Brad@Bartz.com

    The Appeal - Due April 2, 2018 - Filed.

    Please send ideas!

    The Judgement

    Read the Judgment

    The Testimony

    Read the Testimony

    Article 17 The Docusical

    Read the Official Article 17

    Article 17: The Docusical - See on youtube

    Article 17: The Docusical - Read the Script

    The Evidence

    See the Evidence


    Don't Do It.

    Legal Restrictions on Foreigners
    with questionable justice.

    (oh Brad! No, really, check it out. I registered this domain, Japan.co.jp, and two weeks later foreigners were outlawed from buying a Japanese domain name. So, yes, Japan has legal racism that gives competitive advantage to locals.)

    Only one condidtion should you do business in Japan. That is when you own 100% of the distribution channel in Japan. Any deviation from this is short-sited as history is littered with ripped off JV partners in Japan.

    Help Brad Bartz or... Banish Brad Bartz

    Get struck by lightening twice, just do business in Japan.

    Before you invest a yen, learn these stories and talk to Brad.

    Learn who to avoid in Japan, some real scumbags. Learn that other markets offer a better chance of long-term success.

    Skip Japan. Just visit to get drunk. Then its ok.

    1. Japan.co.jp and the Japanese blacklist from 1996 to present

    2. JP Power (Solar Client) buys 1.5 million dollars worth of solar panels. ABC Solar delivers as contracted CIF to port. JP Power abaondoned at port and all hell breaks loose.

    Email Brad@Bartz.com and tell him how you feel about this case.

    Did Brad receive fair justice?

    How should Brad fix?

    Your opinion matters.

    Should Brad be granted an appeal hearing?


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