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she said he said wrong
Life circles surround me now
its not a sporting...

samidare o
atsume te hayashi

ano naka ni
maki e kaki tashi
yado no tsuki...

again I harder
not in the nether below
try try try again...

abura kōri
tomoshi-bi hosoki
nezame kana ...

unit brings boy home
Youthful converstations now
feel wind smiles again...

hatsu yuki ya
saiwai an ni

Plush Bottom Winner
A stairway to success now
Grey Clouds and Sunshine...

Courtyard becomes tank
Life swims by beer in hand up
See thru therapy...

Challenger thinking
Trump gathers steam to make tea
Itentions explode...


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Mayumi Takadanobaba

Author - Artist - Provocateur